Join movement leaders and organization builders for a 12 week online education program

Each week will consist of

  • 1.5 hour group training session on Tuesday
  • 2 hour workshop on Thursday

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Who we are

We are a group of ... who have .... 

Our values: 


Trainer 1

peruvian enthusiast


Trainer 2

cant make up my mind

Program Outline

Weeks 1-2: Introduction to theories of outside game & alternatives

Mass protest, alternatives, structure. Clarify what approaches you are using.

Week 3: Reciprocity with-in and across organizations

More on this

Week 3: Social Movement Ecology

More on this

Week 4: Organization as an Organism Part 1

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Outcomes and Takeaways

Yes! This is what I need

Training Methodology


We ...... We will be using Zoom video conference for the group trainings and workshops, which gives us capacity to have a group conversation, live polling, and breakouts. 


  • $1000 for those in large, well-funded organizations
  • $600 for movement leaders and organizers - payment plan of three installments of $200/month available 
  • $300 for those who are part of the working class - payment plan of three installments of $100/month available

Not sure if the program is for you? Feel free to send us an email with any questions. We'll be happy to respond or hop on the phone to talk about it. Get in touch: