When we fought for DACA, we did it in spite of people telling us we couldn’t win. We changed what was politically possible, and changed the lives of millions of people across the country. 800,000 DACA recipients later, our movement will never be the same. We stood up to politicians, we came out of the shadows to share out stories, we took over the streets, and we never stopped fighting.

Surrounded by rumors of DACA’s termination by Trump, we will continue the spirit that won DACA in the first place: we won’t stop fighting.

Every action that got us closer to DACA, every workshop that got people to apply for DACA, those are actions that have forever shaped the lives of hundreds of thousand of people and have shaped the immigrants rights movement. That work will not be forgotten, and we will use this moment to push our movement forward.

This is why we need you to act. If DACA gets repealed, we want to send a clear message to the country: we are Outraged and Unafraid, and the fight does not end here.